John Dewey Family Business Mediation: Bringing Family Together and Family Businesses Alive

John Dewey Family Business Mediation: Bringing Family Together and Family Businesses Alive

There is no denial about the fact that family businesses are different from public business entities. In family businesses, the directors on the board are mostly family members and this is where the problem as well as the strength of the family businesses lies. If the family businesses realize the strength, then the sky is the limit and if the differences start to emerge and are not handled properly, the downfall is inevitable. This is why, it is imperative that as soon as the smallest of crack in the family business structure starts to erupt, there should be a proper solution accepted and implemented. Addressing the smallest of problems at the very onset helps in not letting the problem become too big to take the form of being irreversible. It is also very necessary to separate the family life and professional life. Conflicts are natural in any formats of the businesses but in the family businesses, the conflicts are taken personally and this is where it gets the most beating. Also, the share of the business and who takes the major pie of the profits as well as the future succession planning becomes a major issue. All these factors need to be managed properly and amicably, so that the family business runs smoothly, without any interference for generations to come. For that to happen, a proper system needs to be integrated with the business and that business model should be adhered to strictly, no matter what is happening in the backside and or in personal life. John Dewey Family Business Mediation Consultant helps the family businesses of all sizes and nature to resolve the differences and comes to a mutual settlement for amicable conflict resolution, for the benefit of the business.

Relationships become too fragile and needs to be nourished in a proper way when the members in the family are involved in the same business. It is all about conditioning as staying together as a family and doing business together needs a lot more understanding. Trust, also plays a major role because there are financial matters involved, inside the family as well as the business, day in and day out. Succession planning should also be done in a way that none of the members are hurt emotionally with the decision and it is important for all the members in the family to be vision driven because in the otherwise case, the business will be hurt for personal gains. Conflict resolution is actually conflict management because there are certain differences, which might never go, but then it is important to look at the bigger picture, the benefit of the business, and move on. Respecting the differences while working together and in the meanwhile, also trying to bond through family retreats, regular business meetings and by other means will help in bridging the communication gap. This will then help with solving the problems too in a very comfortable and convenient way. John Dewey Family Business Mediation Consultant has knowledge and experience in this field and has helped hundreds of family businesses to solve their problems and function smoothly in a self sustainable mode. If your family business is facing a lot of challenges from all sides, whether it is business or family dynamics, you can consult John Dewey and get proper and systematic solutions. The best part about John Dewey is that he understands that only advises won’t be of much help because the results it will get, will not be long lasting. This is why, he has stepwise procedures to solve the problems, after he has carefully evaluated and analyzed each and every area of the family and the business side.

John Dewey Family Business Mediation Consultant helps in bridging the communication gap among the members in the family and when the communication is enhanced, it automatically leads to better understanding of each other’s point of view. The formula he implements in the family business models are customized according to the need of the respective businesses and is not same with all the businesses, even though the underlying motive is same, which is to strengthen the foundation pillars of the family business, for it to sustain through generation. It has been seen that most of the family business shows a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning of the family business but as the business expands and turnover increases, the inflow of huge amount of money, changes the dynamics of the family and the business.

John Dewey Family Business Mediation not only solves the conflicts and problems between the family members but motivates the family members to show the same enthusiasm in growing and nurturing their business, just as they did when starting up. It is very necessary for the family members running the business to understand, accept and realize that there is a problem surfacing in the business and the family, which can potentially lead to greater harm in the future. Once the problem is identified, John Dewey Family Business Consultant comes into the picture to solve the issues in the best possible manner. For the success of the business and its seamless expansion, there is no harm in getting the third party in, who is experienced and expert in the field of family business consulting. It helps in cleaning the family business from all the problems, which has been surrounding it and also ensures smooth operation of the business, with a lot more trust, strength and motivation.



John Dewey Family Business Mediation: Bringing Family Together and Family Businesses Alive


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