John Dewey holds both personal and professional insight into the world of family business and high net worth multi-generational families. He is a third generation shareholder of a successful business and has experienced the psychological discord which can impact people in these situations.

john dewey, family business consultant, speaker, succession expert, mediatorAfter a painful meltdown of relationships in his own family and the successful intervention of a coach, John dedicated his life to helping others in his somewhat unique position. He holds a master’s degree in psychology and his doctoral dissertation addresses the hidden challenges privilege.

With four children of their own, he and his wife of nineteen years have experienced many challenges in determining how to encourage their children to grow and develop in an abundant environment.

The Dewey family lives in rural Minnesota in a renovated barn; they are active in their church and Boy Scouts, and they value their community. John educates and coaches individuals and families who are committed to creating and maintaining effective multi-generational family relationships in the presence of a family business and family net worth.

John’s passion is to bring families out of their silence and to strengthen family members, as individuals, and as members of a family to create a unique heritage, allowing them to prosper from generation to generation.